Author: Coach Dan

  • Change your life

    Change your life


    It’s scary going to start a fitness program. What if everyone there is more fit than you? What will they think of me? We’re here to tell you that although those worries are common and understandable, you shouldn’t let them stop you from an experience that will change your life. Everyone who you consider fit…

  • The perfect time to start

    The perfect time to start


    Right now you’re probably trying to figure out the perfect time to start this fitness journey. You might be thinking, “Those people seem really fit, I need to get into better shape before I try,” or “I’m really busy right now, I’ll go in when I have more time.” Here’s the thing: There will never…

  • The All-rounder is the Fittest

    The All-rounder is the Fittest


    By training and practicing Functional Fitness you improve your fitness on all fronts, so that you can also perform all or as many common movements as possible and complete tasks. The more tasks you can successfully complete, the fitter you are. According to Functional Fitness, a person is most fit when all of his or…

  • What is Functional Training?

    What is Functional Training?


    Functional movements are simply natural movements that have an equivalent in everyday life. For example, you also make a knee bend when you get up from a chair or deadlifts are exactly the same as lifting shopping bags. Functional movements are always compound exercises (compound or multi-joint). This means that several joints and muscles are…

  • Why Warm-up?

    Why Warm-up?


    The purpose of the warm-up is to increase the body temperature and blood flow and to prepare the muscles and joints for the coming work-out. Since many people today work in a chair that involves sitting for hours on end, often in front of a computer, especially the shoulder girdle and hips have to be…

  • Did you know Burpee was actually a REAL Person?

    Did you know Burpee was actually a REAL Person?


    The Burpee is very simple, can be performed anywhere, above all improves cardiovascular endurance and is perhaps the most hated exercise in the world of Functional Fitness. This is not only due to the physical effort involved in this exercise, but also because you alternate between an upright position and a flat position on the…

  • Good Range Of Motion: Flexibility Vs. Mobility

    Good Range Of Motion: Flexibility Vs. Mobility


    Good range of motion (mobility) forms the basis for all functional movements in order to be able to perform them with a full range of motion and technically correct. A lack of mobility is the main reason for poor movement technique and can therefore lead to an incorrect and one-sided load on the muscles and…

  • What is NOT Functional Fitness?

    What is NOT Functional Fitness?


    Functional Fitness is not a miracle or solution to all your problems. It is an effective form of training, but not a miracle pill. Because as with everything in life, you only get what you put in. Practice makes perfect. There is no shortcut. Work hard. Consistently. Be patient. And never give up. If you…