What is NOT Functional Fitness?

Functional Fitness is not a miracle or solution to all your problems. It is an effective form of training, but not a miracle pill.

Because as with everything in life, you only get what you put in. Practice makes perfect.

There is no shortcut. Work hard. Consistently. Be patient. And never give up.

If you commit 60% during the workouts just to “get it done”, the results will be significantly smaller than if you always commit 100%. In addition, regular training is also a must at Functional Fitness. By only exercising every two weeks, you will not achieve results even with Functional Fitness. Train consistently and you will be rewarded. You will be rewarded with great results; small and big successes that will motivate you to keep going.

Intensity alone is not a panacea either. A certain amount of intensity is required in a training to have the greatest possible effect. However, when performing an exercise, technique should never suffer from achieving a fast time for high score. Your health and safety should always come first. You also don’t want to get injured. Many critics also rightly see this as the biggest disadvantage of high-intensity Functional Fitness training. For example, there are many advanced and less advanced athletes today who sacrifice technique to achieve a better time. The so-called “suicide grip” during gymnastics exercises such as the kipping pull up is a bad example of this. Sacrificing proper technique carries an extremely increased injury risk. A strong and rested body can tolerate minor mistakes, but that is hardly possible in a tired state. Then you harm your body.

Consistency is the key to success.

That is why it is important to have your technique checked every now and then by an experienced coach, because sometimes small mistakes in the movement pattern can creep in over time without you noticing. Have your technique checked by a professional coach or record a video to analyze your own technique.

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