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Training Programs

Get all the benefits of the gym without the hassle or expense of a traditional gym.

Daily Training Program

  • Minimal Equipment training you can do anywhere
  • Every Monday we’ll release your new training schedule
  • 5 Days of training each week
  • You can easily access it in the Functional Fitness app

Intro Course

  • What is Functional Fitness?
  • The History & Philosophy of Functional Fitness
  • Why Functional Training?
  • How To Be Part of the Community

Beginner Course

  • Why Warm-up? General Warm-up Vs. Work-out specific Warm-up
  • What is the difference between Mobility and Flexibility? And why is it so important?
  • Introduction and Detailed Explanation of each Key Basic Exercise

Training Plan for Beginners

  • A Guided 8-Week Functional Fitness Training Plan For Beginners
  • How To Determine Your Goals
  • Explanation of Work-out Structures
  • The Focus is on ensuring that you not only Achieve Your Fitness Goals but also Enhance Your Well-Being.

Daily Training You Can Do Anywhere

Here’s what you get with your membership:

Every week we’ll release your new training schedule. You can access it right here in your app.

Each session is designed by an expert coach and lasts up to an hour.

We’re always looking to give you more fitness options.

Get warmed up safely, then extend your workout to really feel the burn.

We include a variety of scaling & modification options for all exercises. Any level of fitness or experience.

Our instructors show you how to correctly perform exercises so you get the most out of them.

Why join Functional Fitness?

Join a community of people on the same journey as you.

Stay Committed & Motivated

Losing interest due to monotonous and uninspiring workouts? Say goodbye to boredom with our daily training program, offering innovative routines, engaging challenges, and a supportive community.

Level Up Your Performance

Each training cycle includes a number of performance-enhancing exercises & techniques. Boost your speed, agility, and power while becoming more resilient & injury free.

Trust The Process

Gone are the days of doing random workouts you find on social media. You need structure. Each week is programmed with a science-backed approach to training, incorporating a variety of proven training methodologies.

Build Visible Muscle

We’ve designed a training plan that focuses on both aesthetics and performance. No muscle group or movement pattern is left untouched.

“Our mission is to empower individuals to achieve their fitness goals through a convenient and effective daily training program.

We believe that everyone deserves access to high-quality workouts that can be done anywhere, without the hassle or expense of a traditional gym. By providing expertly designed training sessions, video demonstrations, and a supportive community, we aim to help our members supercharge their fitness, build consistency, and experience transformative results.

We are committed to delivering value, convenience, and motivation to our members, so they can lead healthier and happier lives.”

Become A Certified Coach

Craft Your Coaching Skills

Coach Certificate Program

  • Deeper understanding of the Human Body, Exercise Training & Functional Fitness Training Philosophy, Coaching Standards & Core Values
  • Develop High-Quality & In-depth Coaching Skills: Communication Skills, Presence & Attitude, Coach-Athlete Relationship, Understanding Personal Needs & Goals
  • Become a Certified Functional Fitness Coach

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