Members-Only Giveaway

At Functional Fitness, we’re excited to introduce a special giveaway, designed to bring our global community together and showcase the dedication and progress of our members.

Welcome to our E-Gift Card Giveaway, where your hard work can lead to exciting rewards!

We’ve lined up an array of prizes for our dedicated participants: a top-tier €100 Amazon E-Gift Card for our first-place winner, a €50 Amazon for second place, and a €25 for third place.

The giveaway is open all year round and we announce our lucky winners at least once a year. Make every day count and show us your dedication!

Enter The Giveaway!

There are 2 fun and simple steps to get a chance to win. You can perform these actions once every 24 hours.

Step 1: Submit Your Video

Record and share a video of yourself performing any part of our training programs, whether it’s only a glimpse of a warmup, workout, cool down, or any exercise within our Training Plan for Beginners, Daily Training Program, or any other program within the Functional Fitness App. Submit it by sending an e-mail to saying “Entry Giveaway” and including the downloadlink of your video (use WeTransfer for example), your name and the e-mail address you’ve used to sign up for your Functional Fitness App membership.

Step 2: Tag Us in Your Workout on Instagram

Share your workout video post or story on Instagram and don’t forget to tag us @FunctionalFitnessApp(Just remember, no stickers or overlays please).

Why are we running this giveaway?

  • We’re eager to build an engaging and supportive community

We believe that the strength of our fitness community lies in its togetherness. When we work out, cheer each other on, and share our experiences, we’re building much more than muscle – we’re constructing an environment where everyone feels supported and motivated. We’re not just exercising, we’re growing together. By entering this giveaway, you’re not just in for the chance to win great prizes, you’re actively contributing to a positive, engaged, and vibrant fitness family.

  • We want to keep our members accountable on their fitness journeys

Nothing fuels progress like a little friendly competition, right? It’s easy to slack off when you’re working out alone. But when you’re part of a community that notices your ups and downs, it’s a whole different game. This giveaway is designed to keep you on your toes and maintain the momentum on your fitness journey. Let’s face it, it’s always more fun when you have company and a goal in sight! So, lace up, grab your gear, and show us what you’ve got!

  • We aim to raise our brand’s visibility on social media

The more active our community, the brighter our collective light shines. Every workout video you share, every sweaty selfie you post, adds to our online presence, enhancing our brand’s visibility. But it’s not just about us; your participation helps inspire others to join the fun, the fitness, and the healthier lifestyle. It’s a win-win. So, let’s get out there, flex our fitness muscles and make some noise on social media!

  • Most importantly, we want to give back to our dedicated members

Last but definitely not least, this giveaway is all about YOU. You’ve been there for us, doing burpees, lifting weights, and running miles, so now it’s our turn to give back. We appreciate your commitment, your energy, and your unyielding spirit. It’s because of you that our community is as strong as it is. This giveaway is a token of our gratitude and a chance for us to reward your dedication and hard work. So go ahead, enter, and let us show you just how much we value you!

Anything else you need to know?

  • Global Participation: We are thrilled to have a diverse community from all around the world. That’s why we’ve chosen Amazon E-Gift Cards for our giveaway prizes—they are widely accessible and offer a vast range of products. However, we understand that Amazon might not be available in every corner of the globe.
  • Your Star Moment: By sharing your awesome workout videos and posts, you’re not only earning entries, you’re also becoming a fitness superstar! That’s right, you’re granting us the rights to feature your content in our future social media, advertising, and promotional materials. Your entry is like a digital handshake, signifying you’re okay with all this. Who knows, your journey might just inspire others to start theirs. Lights, camera, workout! Now let’s see you shine.

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